Friday, March 31, 2006

Special #1: Waldisms

Waldisms involve Dan Wald at his quixotic best. When taling to Dan Wald, one must suspend all reason and logic. Only delay reaction will serve as your guide. A typical Waldism has Dan Wald saying something only to either openly have contradictory statements and/or circumstances easily at hand or has Dan Wald saying something that he knows cannot be true in any way but he believes is true without regard what he has said.


Dan Wald: I hate the smell of baby diapers.
Brad Clark: Then why did you get the baby-powder spray as the bathroom freshener?


Dan Wald: [prepares passover-kosher matzo ball soup, then places it in the refridgerator]
Brad Clark: why is the matzo ball soup in the fridge?
Dan Wald: oh, I'm letting the matzo balls rise.



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