Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dan Wald Reappears in Book About Hemingway's Cats

[Los Angeles, CA]

While flipping through the pages in his local library, RoboDS 3000 unleashed a torrent of rainbows and amazement as Dan Wald crawled forth from the book it had just pulled off the shelf.

Dan Wald, having been trapped in an alternate ascii universe by the Anti-Dan supervillian group, was rescued by his would be replacement from the future. At the scene were Mr. Clark and Mr. Jurgens. "This wasn't really supposed to happen. Now we have two DS's to deal with," sighed Mr. Clark, "and where are we going to put all of their empty DMD cans?" Mr. Jurgens went on to explain what happened, "lately, RoboDS 3000 has gone from frog-on-a-rock-dumb to filty-ape-with-a-stick sentient, and he's started asking questions. After he saw some old newpaper clipping about a wrestling school, he won't shut up about the Waldemar Estate and what was their role in the Final Battle. So we did the most logical thing and told him to go visit our local library and not come back. Of course, the library closes at night and doesn't want him there, so they call us to come pick him up and what happens - rainbows everywhere and then Dan appears again. worst. library. ever."

Unwittingly, while searching for the Waldemar Estate's role in the Final Battle, RoboDS opened the book Hemingway's Cats: An Illustrated Biography in which Dan Wald had been trapped. "I'm back! like Payload," exclaimed Wald, who then proceeded to list names for cats he was soon to own. "Bonobo and Saffron are my favorite," announced Wald. RoboDS 3000 also agreed, saying, "cats are the tits in Vegas." Mr. Jurgens led both Walds out the door where the two continued their talk on cat names with Dan Wald saying, "Mushaboo was so cute. I can't wait to have him back" to which RoboDS 3000 commented, "In Vegas, Mushaboo tits is you!" Mr. Clark had no comment as he was busy trying to figure out how to get a large print version of the book into which he could stuff both Walds.


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