Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Frustrated Resident Dan Wald to Battle Rapper Jin

Culver City, CA

Local hero Dan Wald today announced that he will challenge Chinese-American rapper Jin in a freestyle MC battle. "Enough with this shit," said frustrated Wald, "I grow tired of this glorified rice jokes passing for rap talent." The fact that Jin is Chinese-American further aggravated Dan Wald, who is also an avid supporter of the Koreatown Hip-Hop scene.

Although he has been in a hiatus from the rap game, Dan Wald has created some of the most groundbreaking and avant-garde rhymes--later imitated by rappers such as Ghostface. Not only that, Mr. Wald has firmly established himself as one of the premier producers in the rap game in recent years. "Kanye West? Please. I've been speeding up LPs YEARS before his ass got famous," said a dismissive Dan Wald, who is responsible for such chart-topping hits as 'The Record of Little Spanish Flea Played at 45 RPM Instead of 33' and 'Somehow Speeding up This LP of Simon and Garfunkle Isn't as Funny.'

In a recent phone interview with danwaldtribute.com, Jin said that he wasn't worried about the competition and that he welcomed the challenge from one of the most respected names in Hip Hop: "I take it as a compliment. DS's clearly got the skills to battle anyone, anyday--but the way he's been the past few weeks, he'll probably be too busy at work to show up. Forfeits are just as good in my opinion. Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year."

Speculations have already begun, and Vegas oddmakers has set Dan as the 7 point favorite over the aspiring Asian rapper.


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