Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dan Wald Murmurs "Delorium!" before falling asleep, then stays up all night

Los Angeles, CA

Shortly before falling asleep on Wednesday night, in a spurt of unrestlessness prior to rolling on his left side, Dan Wald loudly murmured "Delorium!", seemingly out of nowhere. Such an unexpected outburst was heard by his roommates who knocked on his door to ask if he was dying. Fully awakened by their intrusion, Mr. Wald asked if they knew what he had just said. "I dunno, Delorian? Have been been watching Back To The Future again? You should buy a Delorian. that or a hoverboard" responded Brad Clark. "Nah, it was like some Harry Potter bullshitta thing he was shouting. You may think you can cast spells, but you can't kill the undead, bitch!" shouted David Jurgens as he ran into Mr. Wald's room and steamrolled him. Mr. Clark promptly follower suit. Shortly after having his ribs crushed by his roommates, Mr. Wald was unable to return to sleep, partially due to his uneasiness from having said an unexplained word for no reason and partially from shortness of breath.

Citing a renewed vigor, Mr. Wald got up and went back work at 1AM. "I think I did something at work related to delorium. I'd better go check it out, and by check it out, I mean work for another 12 hours." Mr. Jurgens and Mr. Clark were slightly stunned but not surprised as Mr. Wald has been working upwards of 80 hours in the past few weeks. Unknown to Mr. Wald, due to his prolonged absences the two have recently rented out his room to migrant workers in an attempt to earn money for an XBox 360.


Blogger Dan Wald said...

i SHOULD buy a delorian!

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