Monday, January 09, 2006

Mysterious Porridge Left On Counter

Los Angeles, CA

With no explanation, a single bowl of porridge was left of the counter of Mr. Wald's residence. Neither of the other two residents claim to have left it. "I eat four waffles everyday. Porridge is for the weak," claimed Mr. Jurgens. "I eat dinner as my first meal," attested Mr. Clark, "but that's mostly because I sleep through the other two." The two suspect that Mr. Wald left it there in his on-going quest to "leave shit everywhere." Mr. Wald denies such charges as he notes that there isn't any porridge mix in the house anywhere so it must have had to come from somewhere else. Furthermore, Mr. Wald argues that it couldn't have been him because "that porridge was cold. I'm neutral, man. It wouldn't have been too hot or too cold if it was mine. It would've been just right." Upon hearing that Mr. Jurgens reportedly warmed the porridge in the microwave until it was "just right" and then poured it in Mr. Wald's bed.


Blogger Meredith said...

I like how the shrine to Dan suddenly turned into a passive-aggressive battleground for domestic disputes. :)


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